Fitting instructions

Important information

Make sure you have all necessary parts and seat covers before starting fitment.

These seat covers are specially designed to fit your car seats meaning they have a very tight fit. Make sure you work them into place carefully and don’t pull hard.

Make sure seats are clean of any debris before fitting seat covers to avoid having to re-fit them.

TIPS & Tricks

Leave seat covers in a warm environment before fitting eg. in the sun or on a radiator.

It is useful to have two pairs of hands when fitting these seat covers to make life easier but it is not necessary.

If you are fitting our seat covers to a vehicle with a bulk-head it is easier to remove the seats from the vehicle when fitting them.


We offer literally thousands of combinations of seat covers for many different makes, models, years and seat configurations and it would be impossible to show a fitting video for all options however the video below gives a good idea of how to fit our seat covers but fitting will vary from vehicle to vehicle and if you are unsure how to fit your seat covers we recommend seeking professional help!

Fitting Video